Cadela que trabalha na Disneylândia abraça Pato Donald e encanta o público; assista

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Animal acompanha autistas no parque e se mostra uma verdadeira fã do lugar todos os dias

Nala recebeu o carinho de Pato Donald na Disneylândia em Orlando, na Flórida, Estados Unidos.

Nala recebeu o carinho de Pato Donald na Disneylândia em Orlando, na Flórida, Estados Unidos. Foto: Instagram / @helperdognala

Uma cadela chamada Nala, treinada para ajudar pessoas autistas na Disneylândia, nos Estados Unidos, tirou umas horas de folga no último domingo, 22, para abraçar o Pato Donald no parque de diversões.

A pet da raça labrador tem dois anos e começou a se esfregar na fantasia, como se estivesse pedindo carinho para o personagem. Manhosa e com os olhos fechados, ela se jogou de costas no chão e recebeu massagens na barriga.

Seu tutor compartilhou o momento no Instagram:

Nala se mostra uma verdadeira fã do mundo mágico da Disney todos os dias. Além do pato, ela já posou para foto com diversos personagens, como Ariel, protagonista do filme A Pequena Sereia (1989); o capitão Jack Sparrow, de Piratas do Caribe (2011); Rapunzel, Tarzan e o casal clássico da marca: Mickey e Minnie Mouse.

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It’s no secret being a service dog can be a lot of work. Even though you guys see a lot of working pictures and videos of Nala, I want you to know how much fun she gets to have on the job! I believe balance is extremely important in a service dogs’ life! Nala is such a hard worker, and I 100% believe in high value rewards on duty that doesn’t just include treats. • Nala spends a lot of her time helping me at Disney. It truly is my happy place! When we’re at Disney, I ALWAYS let Nala interact with the characters. She LOVES people but does not let that get in the way of her job. That being said, I also don’t want to deprive her from something she enjoys so much. Generally, I don’t let any guests pet her. Why? When one person sees someone petting a dog, we get very bombarded. Having autism makes it very hard for me to be surrounded by people and I don’t like it when people touch Nala without permission. As a way to let Nala get the love she deserves, I let the characters interact with her. So how is that different from letting guests interact? When we go up to meet characters, it’s a controlled situation. Only 1 party is allowed up at a time and I know we won’t be bombarded. A question you might ask is, “How does Nala know it’s okay to visit with someone verses keep her focus on me and work?” Nala has a 4 very important commands. The 1st one is, “watch me!” This means she’s supposed to make eye contact. The 2nd command is, “heel!” When I say “heel,” she knows she is working and supposed to ignore any distractions. The 3rd is, “go say hi!” This means that she is free to approach whoever is standing in front of us. The 4th command is, “free!” which means she can go be a normal dog. At the end of the day, Nala has a job to do. Even when she’s off duty or visiting characters, she responds to signals and is ready to help at any time. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t get to have fun too • What are some ways you reward your service dog on duty besides food?

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Nala loved meeting Rapunzel

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NALA! (Swipe to see baby pictures!) • This is the day every handler dreams of reaching. Their service dogs second birthday, already have “graduated” training, and out working for their handler. Most people will tell you it takes about 2 years to fully train a service dog, and that is absolutely correct. Training a service dog does not happen overnight, and it can be quite the challenge when you’re already sick. • It all started when I brought Nala home as a tiny puppy at 8 weeks old. I began training her right away. I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy task, but I was prepared for the struggle. I knew that someday, Nala would be my independence. The only knowledge I had about training dogs was, well, nothing. I found some YouTube videos on clicker training, and that’s the method I used. Once I figured out how to teach her how to sit, it was a very easy for me to understand the process of teaching her everything else. • I began taking her into public when she was 10 weeks, in a stroller to a few pet friendly places that weren’t pet stores. She began going to the movie theater, stores like TJ Maxx/Marshall’s, and doctors appointments after she was fully vaccinated, so around 4.5 months. I lost my job at that time due to my health, which was probably one of the worst times of my life. I remember staying in bed for weeks straight, with the exception of letting the dogs out to go potty. I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it any further. But I began to crack down on Nala’s training after taking some time to just let myself be. It was hard, and I left many public training sessions in tears due to how overwhelmed and sad I was. I did at least 3 training sessions per day with Nala. We went into public to train at least 4 times a week, and I really, really put my heart and soul into her training. • Now Nala is an amazing service dog, who works nearly flawlessly to my standards. I couldn’t imagine being without her at this point, because her tasks help me so much. • HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NALA!

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Nala nunca perde o estilo enquanto trabalha. Sempre está com sua tiara rosa e sua roupinha indicando seu serviço para autistas: